Turkey is one of the richest countries for natural Stone deposits.  We most likely have the widest
color options for marble. Turkey has limestone options as well. Although many other countries have
limestone deposits Turkey stands out with its unique white color clean limestone that has become
one of the most sought-after materials for luxury residential and commercial houses and building
facade cladding projects.

Color tones may vary from quarry to quarry but even the darkest color tone of the Turkish white
limestone from Antalya region in Turkey is one of the whitest limestones in the world. Colorwise, we
generally classify them as ivory, white and superwhite limestone.

So if Antalya province is the main source of white Turkish limestone what is the role of Likya Royal in the supply chain?

Professional people in the natural stone business who are supplying natural Stones from Turkey or
from any part of the world are aware of the fact that no particular natural Stone quarry generates
one single color or texture ( granite quarries can be an exception). So every quarry supplies raw
materials in different grades. Our mission is to inspect every sing block at the quarry to be sure that
we are getting the best raw materials for our projects. Our limestone selection starts at the quarry
but this selection process continues during cutting processes at the factory till pcs are packed into
crates. This is only about color inspection but almost every single pcs are inspected in terms of
required sizes and surface finish.

Natural Limestone or marble etc supply could have been quite easy if it was a kind of commercial
item like man-made ceramic or porcelain tiles and slabs for construction projects but dealing with
natural Stone supply only results if it is handled with professionals care.
We offer not only a high-quality supply process but also discuss with our customers and lead them to
the right quarry that the limestone or marble will serve to design ideas not only as color and texture
but also as correct physical aspects.
Please contact us for your projects that require high-end natural limestone and marble for the best
possible satisfaction.

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