Turkish white shell stone ( also known as Turkish white fossil limestone) is one of the most sought-after limestones from Turkey for facade cladding, indoor flooring, and natural limestone landscape projects.  Turkish shell limestone has perfect density and hardness to be used in various areas for residential and commercial projects.

Same to many other natural limestone quarries, Turkish shell or fossil limestone quarries provide different selections. While some selections have less shell and whiter background color the others have heavy shell density on the surface with more ivory or light beige background color tone.

Likya Royal has completed many residence limestone facade cladding and hardscape projects using White shell Limestone from Turkey.

Thanks to its structure Turkish white shell limestone is allowing us to get perfect carving job opportunities for perfect calibration and surface and edge finishes without any chips and this perfect result survives many decades at the place of its application.

While giving advice to our customers and pointing out some natural Stones will suit their natural Stone facade cladding design ideas request natural Stones like limestone, dolomite, marble, and travertine we are considering not only aesthetic concerns or their costs but also their structural aspects that will suit required standards of their usage areas and climate reality of the area where this building will be at for very long term satisfaction.

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