What is Limestone?

Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed of min. %90 of calcium carbonate.Because of its chemical properties limestone as an ingredient in chemical industries as a raw material. Depending on types of residues in it and the age of formation, they can be found in different colours and hardness and those issues are more important in building industry and makes one type of stone suitable for usage in certain areas or not.

What is the difference between Antalya limestone, Limra limestone and Turkish white limestone?

Antalya province at southern Turkey is the main source for white Turkish limestone and many white limestone quarries are located in this area. Because of the location, some people called Turkish limestone as Antalya Limestone as a general description because of the location they are mostly extracted from or as Limra (or Lymra) the way it is called in the domestic market.

what type of rock is limestone

Why do Turkish White Limestone Slab and Tile Limestone Tiles prices differ from one supplier to another?

There can be several reasons for price differences. First of all, we have to be sure that comparison is made between like-for-like limestones. Although there are similarities between white limestones in Turkey they are mainly categorised as fine or medium grain selection. There is a production shortage for fine grain Turkish limestone from quarries and there is a huge demand and as a result of a simple rule in an economy that the supply and demand ratio is the main determinant of the price level.

Also, the production cost of white limestone blocks at every quarry or the cost of white limestone slabs and tiles at every factory are not same so different costs make price differences as well. Another or maybe the most important factor is marketing. If any type of white Turkish limestone has been introduced successfully and known by architects and builders in international markets and specified for many projects under a special name, it should be expected this stone to be available at higher prices than market’s average rates.

What is Turkish white limestone block prices?

There is no fixed limestone block price. Although limestones from different quarries in Turkey show similarities, they are not exactly the same. Each quarry may have different price policy for their blocks depending on quality and colour selection. There are some aspects such as the quantity of an order, repeat buyings, selections, block sizes etc are affecting final block prices.

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