Antalya Province in Turkey is well-known for its beautiful limestone quarries. The white limestone found in this region is famous for its use in various construction and architectural projects. Some of the notable white limestone quarries in Antalya Province include:

  1. Demre Quarry: Located near the town of Demre, this quarry produces high-quality white limestone that is often used in local construction projects and exported to other regions.
  2. Finike Quarry: The Finike region in Antalya Province also has several limestone quarries, known for their fine white limestone with distinct veining patterns.
  3. Elmali Quarry: Elmalı is another area in Antalya known for its limestone quarries, providing the raw material for both local and international markets.
  4. Kas Quarry: The Kaş region is famous for its white limestone, which is utilized in construction and architectural applications.

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