Likya Royal Presents: White Limestone Exterior Wall Cladding

Limestone is a versatile building stone that can be used on walls and floors. Limestone is the most popular natural stone due to several aspects such as duribility, uniformity and its aesthetical features for interior and exterior wall and flor applications. They can be produced in different finishes and sizes depending on the style of building for which it is required.

Turkish white limestone, which is also called limra, is increasing its popularity among architects all over the world thanks to its unrivalled whiteness with fine grain structure, hardness and uniformity and its vast availability for large building exterior cladding projects. Our white limestone quarry is main source for finest material in Turkey. For flat exterior limestone slabs and for architectural limestone exterior wall cladding prices please contact us with your project details.

Enhance the beauty and durability of your exterior walls with Likya Royal’s White Limestone Exterior Wall Cladding. Experience the perfect combination of elegance and functionality for your architectural projects. Contact us today to learn more about our premium limestone cladding options and discover the difference that Likya Royal can make for your next project.

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