Our white limestone quarry is in Finike, Turkey.

Antalya Port is the nearest seaport for shipping. Please contact us for directions to our quarry.Most of the white limestone quarries in Turkey are located in the Province of Antalya. Finike and Demre towns are the main regions for quarries.

Limestone quarries in Turkey have abundant reserves and production capacity has been increasing constantly. Increase in capacity and output and increasing demand for Turkish white limestone throughout the world so and especially because of being subject to large building projects are walking side by side. Sometimes quarries, especially the ones are yielding fine grain white limestone blocks are struggling to meet the increasing demand.

Although white limestone quarries in the close region bear resemblance to each other they are not exactly the same. Generally, they are called white but there can be some differences in their whiteness degree, they can be called white, super white and off-white or ivory, so to speak.

Also, there are some differences in terms of grain structure and they can be classified as fine grain white limestone, medium grain limestone, and fossil limestone.

Our white limestone, Likya Royal, is within the fine grain or no grain category which has the lowest percentage of the total Limestone block output in Turkey.

Most of the limestone quarry in Turkey has consistency in their color selection which is one of the main assets of Turkish limestone that attract architects and builders to specify this stone for large scale of high-end commercial or residential building projects.

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