The Laranda ivory limestone from Turkey is another high-quality limestone for both high-end residential and commercial building projects. Thanks to its hardness this limestone is suitable for both cladding and flooring projects. With its light beige and ivory color range this distinct limestone is a perfect choice for both contemporary and classic building design ideas.

Basically, like many other natural limestones, this versatile and durable Turkish Laranda ivory limestone will bring timeless beauty to your home or commercial buildings. Depending on the style of the building where they will be used we are manufacturing limestone tiles, slabs and architectural elements such as limestone columns, tiles, slabs, window – door frames, sills, balustrades, and so on in different sizes, surfaces, and edge finishes to complement with the total design idea of the places.

Our Laranda light beige limestone has two main selection. Selection A. Light beige or ivory colour with browny veins and selection B is consistent colour with subtle shades withour any strong vein.

Please check our surface finish and size section for more information or contact us for more specific guidance for your Stone projects.

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