We have a wide range of limestone tiles and pavers for both commercial and residential building projects. Turkish white limestone became one of the most indicated natural stones for prestigious building projects thanks to its appreciated technical and aesthetical properties by designers, architects and builders all around the world.

Alongside our architectural stone elements for exterior and interior, we are a mass producer of Turkish white limestone tiles and pavers for floors and walls from mosaic size to slab size. Honed, polished, sandblasted, tumbled and brushed limestone tiles are available from our factory for the house, residence, shopping centre, hotel projects. Our stones have a perfect color consistency which allows us to finish any project no matter how large quantity they require.

Type of limestones we supply

Likya Royal Limestone: Likya royal limestone comes from our own quarry. It is one of the whitest and clean limestones from Turkey with almost no any grain and spot on the surface. Hundreds of thousands of sqmt can be produced in same color selection.

Turkish fossil limestone: Turkish Fossil limestone became one of the most popular natural stone among builders, designers, and architects worldwide. Its extra hardness makes it a superior material for both exterior and interior applications and it stand out from other limestones thanks to its unique shells on the surface gives unique character to this stone.

For white limestone tile prices, please contact us with details of your requirement.

Common limestone tile sizes:

12”x12” 30,5×30,5cm 30x60cm
12”x24” 30,5x61cm 30x60cm
16”x24” 40,6x61cm 40x60cm
16”x32” 40,6×81,3cm 40x80cm
24”x24” 61x61cm 60x60cm
24”x36” 61×91,5cm 60x90cm
24”x48” 61x122cm 60x120cm
32”x32” 81,3×81,3cm 80x80cm

Limestone tiles surface finishes:

Polished, honed, tumbled, brushed, chiseled edge, sand blasted

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