Elevate Your Design with Architectural Limestone Elements

Builders, contractors, architects, designers, and wholesalers are welcome to cooperate on their projects that require high-end architectural limestone stoneworks.

C.M.T. Stone (Likya Royal) in Turkey is mainly focused on building natural Stone facade cladding projects and manufacturing of  the high-end architectural Stone elements. Although any kind of natural Stone like marble, travertine, dolomite can be used for cladding projects, Limestone is the most preferred type of Stone for exterior wall covering not only becuse of its preferable texture for apperance but also its physical facts that allow beter carving process.

Usage of the natural architectural limestone elements for cladding adds value to your home and your investment. The biggest reference for natural Stone usage is historical buildings. They are aesthetically unique. But it is not only about how much beautiful they look but it is also about being very long lasting material. How long they last? Thousands of years, just like the examples of ancient buildings proof it today.

From the simplest flat cladding Stone panes to the most intricate limestone column capitals window and door sills and frames, balsutrades, cornices, each piece is manufactured at the highest standards thanks to the advanced machinary and highly skilled artisans at our factories.

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