Green fossil limestone, also called green shell limestone, is one of the unique natural Stones from
Turkey. This limestone from Turkey has greenish and grayish color tones with scattered shells on its
Limestone quarries in Turkey are providing various limestones with different aspects. Although
Turkey is known as a great white limestone source, limestone quarries in different regions in Turkey
provide beige, yellow, gray, and green limestones as well.
Green fossil Turkish limestone not only attracts architects’ and end users’ attention for their
residential and commercial building projects by its unique look but also allows Project owners to use
it for both interior and exterior wall and floor coverings thanks to its density and hardness.
Thanks to its hardness any type of Stone surface finish, including flamed finish, can be applied to this
limestone. This hardness makes it a perfect choice for limestone hardscape projects too.
Color and shell consistency let him be used in large flooring areas.
Please contact us with details of your limestone Project for more details of this green shell stone and
our other natural Stone options.

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